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It’s official!
Well… it’s been official for some time now… but I’ve just been too damn busy to get around to making any kind of announcement. Congratulations to Abra Cadaver on a spectacular performance. With 6 hits and a whopping 233 points, Mr./Ms. Cadaver is 2018’s Dead Reckoner Celebrity Dead Pool Champion [cue the fanfare and confetti cannons.] May we all pause to expel a guttural groan in celebration of this glorious achievement. A prize package valued at 3 hundred & some-odd dollars has already been awarded… and surely squandered on a Tito’s Vodka & Red Bull bender.

Now that 2018’s over and the Dead Zone has passed, 2019’s competition is currently underway!  All lists and all selections have been posted to the site, as well as this year’s Lucky 13.  Now, all we need are some HITS!  Best of luck to all players… both new faces and old mugs.  Check back here and/or follow us on Twitter for updates.

God luck and good speed.

-Der Kommissar