Bunked Debunker

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“Before you ask me another question
about that c*cksucker David Blaine,
you might consider what it
feels like to have this
wand shoved up your ass.
Now. Where were we?”

James Randi
Magician, author, skeptic.
August 7, 1928 – October 20, 2020.
Aged 92 years.

Most recognized for: “The Amazing Randi” performed escape acts and stage illusions with decent success… but when onlookers accused him of sorcery, he took offense. From there, his mission was to disprove – through science – that anyone has any kind of psychic or supernatural powers… including himself. He regularly appeared on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show to expose and dissect faith healers and charlatans… and offered a long-standing $1M bounty for proof of the supernatural. And then POOF… he was gone.