Decennium In Quietus

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That’s all for the last dead pool of the two-thousand teens, folks. Comparatively speaking, 2019 was a sh!t year for our CDP… with a measly 14 overall hits. But with a little help from the bonus point system, a handful of folks were still able to post some pretty respectable scores.

For a second consecutive year, one player has retained the top spot on our leaderboard. With 4 hits and 191 points, Abra Cadaver is 2019’s Dead Reckoner Celebrity Dead Pool Champion… again [cue the fanfare and confetti cannons.] May we all pause to expel a guttural groan in celebration of this glorious achievement. A prize package valued at 2 hundred & some-odd dollars is on its way… only to soon be squandered on frivolous sports betting. Rounding out the top 3 were Raspus & Schlitz, each with 4 hits and only a point difference between them (134 & 133.)

OK… fukk all those guys, let’s move on. We are currently in the Dead Zone… and will be until the 2020 season opens Tuesday night at midnight. That, of course, is the deadline for list submission. YOU MUST ENTER BY 12AM EST, 1/8/2020. Contrary to what you might read or interpret from any other communications, WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING LISTS ON WEDNESDAY THE 8th. You can enter as often as you like, but just be prepared to fork over 10 bucks for each list you fill out. Deadbeats will be shamed…. publicly and most viciously.

Now go tell a neighbor, co-worker, idiot in-law, etc. Surely you have some friends that share your taste for the macabre. RECRUIT, FUKKERS! I’m not gonna sit here and poor-mouth everybody about expenses & sh!t… like those crybabies at Wikipedia. This site was never going to be a moneymaker… and I knew it going in. I just want to see more lists… more action… more hits! Spread the word. Perhaps go door-to-door… like some Bizarro World Jehovah’s Witness… and ask strangers if they think Jimmy Carter has another year left in him. Just be sure to take along some bail money.

God luck and good speed.

-Der Kommissar