Ready for Some Darkness

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“Not supposed to wear white after labor day?
Well… here’s what I have to say
about that.”

Hank von Hell
Singer, songwriter, skag hag.
June 15, 1972 – November 19, 2021.
Aged 49 years.

Most recognized for: Hank was the lead singer for Norwegian death punkers Turbonegro. A consummate showman, he regularly performed in bulging denim with a top hat, Cooper-esque eye make-up, and a lit roman candle stuck in his ass. He also had a smack problem… and after a few rehab-induced hiatuses, the band replaced him in 2010. Hank would later go on to release music with other acts, but the life eventually caught up with him… and the “I Got Erection” singer went limp.