Russian to Judgement

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“Korea, okay? It’s a map of Korea. This is exactly
why bars located next door to tattoo parlors
are a bad idea. Especially in Pyongyang.
Can we move on now?”

Mikhail Gorbachev
Ex-head of State, Nobel laureate, Commie.
March 2, 1931 – August 30, 2022.
Aged 91 years.

Most recognized for: Alma-Ata Protocol, glasnost, dry laws, Chernobyl, perestroika, Reagan and the Berlin Wall. No… it’s not a missing verse from “We Didn’t Start the Fire”… it’s just a brusque summary of Mik’s days as HRIC of the USSR. His tenure marked the end of the Cold War, Marxist-Leninism, the looming threat of global thermonuclear war, and a McDonalds-free Moscow. But slowly, like everything else from the 80’s, it’s all making a comeback.