Shaved the Day

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“Makin’ fun of my van, are ya?
Sounds like somebody could use what
my Smith & Wesson would call
a little lesson in manners.”

Billy Joe Shaver
Singer, songwriter, wacko from Waco.
August 16, 1939 – October 28, 2020.
Aged 81 years.

Most recognized for: In spite of missing 2 fingers on his right hand, Mr. Shaver taught himself to play guitar, hitchhiked to Memphis, and got a gig writing songs for the likes of Waylon Jennings, David Allan Coe, & Elvis Presley. What followed was a 40+ year career as an outlaw country star… in the course of which, he once shot a guy in the face for being “a bully” and then demanded an apology. That guy survived… but after a massive stroke years later, Billy didn’t.