The Walker’s Dead

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“‘Skewze me…
Which one of you fagg*ts out there just
called me The Jimmy Buffet of Texas?!?
I’ll bust this Gibson over your wooden skull
if I hear that sh!t again.”

Jerry Jeff Walker
Singer, songwriter, gypsy.
March 16, 1942 – October 23, 2020.
Aged 78 years.

Most recognized for: Mr. Walker hitchhiked his way around the country before rooting himself in Austin, Texas in the 1970’s… where he became a prominent figure of the whole outlaw county scene. His early hit “Mr. Bojangles” – a sad ballad based on a homeless tap dancer he met in a New Orleans jail – has been re-recorded by Nina Simone, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and countless others. But after a battle with throat cancer, Bojangles had no mo jangles left… and tapped out.