There She Goes

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“Who ever came up with the idea that
all redheads are crazy?
Seriously…. who said it?
I’ll cut his balls off & feed ’em
to his children.”

Tawny Kitaen
Actress, model, hood ornament.
August 5, 1961 – May 7, 2021.
Aged 59 years.

Most recognized for: After posing for Ratt’s first 2 album covers, Tawny hit the big screen with Tom Hanks in “Bachelor Party” and a B-horror flick called “Witchboard.” But it was by straddling 2 Jaguars in the “Here I Go Again” music video that she became truly memorable. She would later sink into the quicksand of reality TV and become a regular Orange County mugshot for cocaine, booze, & domestic violence. Then came all the ridiculous plastic surgery… which turned the 80’s spank banker into closed casket material.