Time’s Up (in Here)

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“To the children of the world…
don’t do drugs, stay in school,
get a job, and pay your taxes.
Otherwise, you might wind up like me…
a Def Leppard fan.”

Rapper, actor, deadbeat.
December 18, 1970 – April 9, 2021.
Aged 50 years.

Most recognized for: Good ol’ Earl Simmons spent more time behind bars than he did in front of a microphone. Drugs, theft, assault, animal cruelty, carjacking, dodging child support… it’s amazing that he ever had time to find a rhyme with all the dumb sh!t he was up to. But just before changing his home state from New York to Vegetative, Mr. X bestowed a lone act generous nobility… by doing his part to help curb the Narcan shortage in his community.