To Hell and Gone

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“Alright, now. If you’re gonna throw beer
at the stage, you’d better send up some
pizza & wings to go with it.
Not kidding, people. I’m fukken
starving up here.”

Steve Grimmett
Singer, porker, peg-leg.
August 19, 1959 – August 15, 2022.
Aged 62 years.

Most recognized. As the gap-toothed vocalist for Grim Reaper, Steve had an impressive 4 octave range… and a chin for each one of them. He sported some of the most laughable hair and wardrobe choices in all of 80’s metal, all while belting out classics like “Rock You To Hell” and “See You in Hell“… the latter providing the soundtrack to our (almost) annual DRCDP hits compilation. An aggressive infection took his right leg in 2017… and an undisclosed illness claimed the rest of him 5 years later.