We used to have a little form you could fill out here… just in case any of you wanted to send love letters, hate mail, or inquire about signing up for next year’s competition. Then came the webcrawlers & spam bots… that automatically fill out the form with gibberish and click send. Every time this happens, we get an email… and it was happening hundreds of times a day. Trying to find the 1 or 2 possible “real” messages in that daily mountain of sh!t was getting old. Plus, the subject lines of these messages were getting more and more disturbing. Boner pill ads and dispatches from sexy Russian singles are harmless… but there are just some phrases you just never want to see show up in your inbox… ever… well, unless they are preceded by “Just Bieber arrested for possession of…” So… we turned off the “contact us” form. If you want to reach us for any reason, contact us via Twitter. Just click on the little birdie icon at the upper right of the site.

Thanks for you interest & sorry for the inconvenience.
-Der Kommissar