It takes a villiage… or at the very least, two seriously demented clowns to keep this pain train on the tracks.  Although most in this particular dead pool’s inner circle may already know their identities, the world wide web can be a dangerous place, fraught with libelous trolls and frivolous lawsuits.  Hence, they remain anonymous… known only by their pseudonyms.
Der Kommissar
President,  Writer/Editor-in-Cheif,  Scorekeeper.
A news-hound by day and cadaver lab documentarian by night, the commissioner enjoys the smell of fresh meat, formaldehyde, and funnel cake.
Dr. Death
Vice President,  Treasurer,  Minister of Disinformation.
Consumed by his hatred for Magic Johnson, the VP spends what little remaining energy he has keeping the books for the DR CDP… and bitching about the Panthers.