Bath and Beyond

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“Whenever I start to question wether
the price of fame was worth it, I swallow
a handful of pills, put on my mee-maw’s jewelry,
pull out my junk, and take a selfie in the sh!tter.
And I think… Fukk yeah, it was.”

Aaron Carter
Child star, switch hitter, walking pharmacy.
December 7, 1987 – November 5, 2022.
Aged 34 years.

Most recognized for: You may not be familiar with his… “work,” but Backstreet brother Aaron was definitely somebody. Somebody who… had a platinum record before he could drive… somebody who banged Lindsay Lohan & Hilary Duff… who loved huffing canned aerosols …. sold dick pics on OnlyFans… was knocked out by Lamar Odom… got a lot of stupid fukking tattoos… and somebody never destined to carry an AARP card.

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