This is the End

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My fellow ghouls:

It has been my distinct honor to inform, entertain, annoy, and disgust you all over these past 6 years, but the time has finally come. I quit.

‘Fun’ and ‘responsibility’: two things that go together like ice skating and cerebral palsy. This site was originally a pet project… a much needed escape from – what was at the time – a soul-crushing office job. Dodging my work duties to scour the internet for bad news and typing up insulting obits was a pleasure. It still is… but things have changed and I can’t dodge the work anymore. And frankly, I have other priorities that – sorry to say – eclipse my interest in entertaining you sick bozos (with all due respect). The result is a feeling that this whole thing is getting short-changed because of the lack of time I have to devote to it. So… this decision hasn’t been an easy one, but good ol’ Der Kommissar is hanging up his deadpooling spurs indefinitely. ‘Responsibility’ is a real bitch. And ‘Fun’?… well, he’s gotta take the train this time.

Current 2022 players may receive a direct communication from Dr. Death regarding the future of the pool… mainly to gauge interest and viability of a 2023 round. So if you’ve prepped a list and wanna play, be on the lookout for that email and let the doctor know how you feel. Or hell… start your own pool. And if you do, be sure to let me know… I might even submit a list. Beyond that, I offer a quick clap-clap & a wave of the hands… cuz it’s a dealer change & I’m out.

Thank you all for your support, attention, disdain, or whatever. Thanks to the DRCDP players, the Twitter followers, and anyone who has expressed appreciation for The Dead Reckoner’s brand of brief, irreverent humor.

With Sympathy,

-Der Kommissar