Killer Be Keeled

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“How does it feel to be an adult in
an intimate relationship
with a 13 year old?

In a word:

Jerry Lee Lewis
Rock pioneer, pianist, cousin fukker.
September 29, 1935 – October 28, 2022.
Aged 87 years.

Most recognized for: Jerry was one of rock & roll’s first superstars… and as such, set the example: wild performances, booze, drugs, guns, violence, & sex with young girls… regardless of their age or proximity in his family tree. “The Killer” – as he called himself – once shot his bass player in the chest and had 2 of his 7 battered wives die amidst fishy circumstances. But in spite of all the chaos, Jerry continued touring into his 80’s.. until – a few years after a stroke – his great balls of fire went ice cold.

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