Nun’s Run Done

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“My agent told me to lose some weight.
I told him he’s nuts. If I’m gonna put
some bloody food on the table,
I’ve gotta eat!”

Robbie Coltrane
Actor, comedian, saucy Scot.
March 30, 1950 – October 14, 2022.
Aged 72 years.

Most recognized for: Most folks would know him as the fat, bearded wizard from the Harry Potter movies. But Robbie was… versatile. He played a fat escaped convict hiding in a habit in “Nuns of the Run”… a fat Russian mafioso in 2 Bond flicks… the fat guy in the bathroom in “European Vacation”… and a fat criminal psychologist on the award-winning TV series “Cracker.” We’re not fat shaming here, but did any of those plus-sized roles lend a helping hand in Robbie’s longevity? Fat chance.