Beaver Leaver

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“For the last time, motherfukker,
my name’s not Wally. It’s Tony.
And the last time I saw a beaver was in
you momma’s bedroom last night.”

Tony Dow
Actor, director, goody two-shoes.
April 13, 1945 – July 27, 2022.
Aged 77 years.

Most recognized for: Mr. Dow has always been a bit of a rarity. On-screen he was Wally Cleaver – the polite, intelligent, responsible, and yet somehow popular teenager. Off-screen he was the 60’s child star who wasn’t tragically addicted to drugs, booze, and publicity. Post-Beaver, he landed various gigs on legit TV shows… as opposed to becoming a jizz biz novelty act. Although he’s no Ron Howard, for a 50’s child star, he turned out OK. But, mysteriously, his liver did not.