Buck Passed

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“Say, Bill…
Your Salisbury steak on pumpernickel
looks delicious, but what I really
could use now is a bump.
Have you seen Chevy?”

Buck Henry
Actor, writer, tax man.
December 9, 1930 – January 8, 2020.
Aged 89 years.

Most recognized for: In SNL’s early years, Buck held the record for most appearances as a host… which placed him in some of the show’s most classic sketches, such as “Lord & Lady Douchebag” and “Samurai Delicatessen.” He also wrote the screenplay for “The Graduate,” directed Warren Beatty’s “Heaven Can Wait,” and made various film appearances… including a small role as the persistent IRS agent in “Grumpy Old Men.” But after a coronary event at Sedars-Sinai, the old douchebag dried up.