Dharma’s a Bitch

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“OK. Gary out… stunt double in.
We’re doing it for real this time.
Let’s see that arm, Rich.”

Mitchell Ryan
Actor, navy vet, Cincy boy.
January 11, 1934 – March 4, 2022.
Aged 88 years.

Most recognized for: Mitch’s mug spent 6 decades on the boob tube, but he also landed film roles… appearing with Clint in “Magnum Force” and “High Plains Drifter.” But to us at the DRCDP, he’ll always be General McCallister… the heroin kingpin who scorched Busey’s arm in the Oscar-snubbed 80’s classic “Lethal Weapon.” By comparison, 5 seasons of “Dharma & Greg” don’t mean a sh!t.