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“So I should try using…
what did you call it?…
the ‘Dark Web ‘?
You mean, like, after the sun
goes down and sh!t?”

Reche Caldwell
NFL receiver, Gator, felon.
March 28, 1979 – June 6, 2020.
Aged 41 years.

Most recognized for: A hot-shot 3-sport high-schooler, Reche was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in 1998, but decided to go play college football for Steve Spurrier instead. But after a 1,000 yard season at Florida, his hands became wildly inconsistent in the pro’s. So he turned to typing. That is, typing into Google: “how can I buy synthetic MDMA in bulk from China by mail.” A few years in Federal Prison later, he got shot during a robbery. By whom? It doesn’t matter.