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“Just because I get my hair & makeup done
on set everyday, that doesn’t mean
I enjoy that type of thing.
I ain’t no finook, understand me?!”

Tony Sirico
Actor, felon, greaseball.
July 29, 1942 – July 8, 2022.
Aged 79 years.

Most recognized for: Once a real-life pistol-packin’ goombah from Brooklyn, Tony decided to try acting after a 20 month stretch in Sing Sing. He took the part of Paulie Walnuts in “The Sopranos” on the condition that his character would never “become a rat.” Unfortunately, Mr. Sirico’s passing adds to a growing cluster of recently deceased Hollywood wiseguys… including Ray Liotta & James Caan… which begs the question: Can somebody go check on Joe Pesci? Please?