Radio Silence

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“Tommy Lasorda did the best hidden ball trick.
I have no idea how he did it or where he kept it,
but the ball always smelled like
sh!t afterwards”

Vin Scully
Sportscaster, Kid from the Bronx, Mick.
November 29, 1927 – August 2, 2022.
Aged 94 years.

Most recognized for: He’d done golf and football for CBS Sports, but Mr. Scully was best known as a baseball play-by-play guy. The longest-tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history, he called Dodgers games for a record 67 seasons. His iconic voice carried a special undulating rhythm that was often lampooned or outright copied by comics & other broadcasters. But lately, his delivery’s been a bit flat…. and so has Vin.

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