Send in the Crowns

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“Yes, operator?
I’m inquiring about a tune I’ve
heard sung ’round the palace lately.
I believe it’s called ‘Charles in Charge’.
I was told that I could get it on my phone.
Operator? Hello??”

Queen Elizabeth II
Monarch, matriarch, jubilee junkie.
April 21, 1926 – September 8, 2022
Aged 96 years.

Most recognized for: Well.. God could only save the Queen for so long. And now, just a few months after celebrating 70 years on the throne, she’ll get the royal send-off… where the filthy London streets are lined with blubbering peasants… bawling over the loss of that rich, snooty old lady they never met… who lived in that huge house that they all paid for with tax money that could have been better spent on some dental work… or at least paid somebody to clean up all the goddamned cigarette butts.

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