There’s the Beef

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“I figure having a woman on the ballot
is the only chance I have. Beyond that,
I’d have to resort to cheating, haha!”

Walter Mondale
Politician, ex-Veep, ass man.
January 5, 1928 – April 19, 2021.
Aged 93 years.

Most recognized for: Walt was a Dem’s Dem. His blood ran so goddamned blue, he could give an anemic donkey a transfusion. After serving as Jimmy Carter’s #2, he decided to run for #1 in the ’84 election. But even with a female, pro-choice catholic as his running mate, Mr. Mondale lost by a landslide to incumbent Ronald Reagan… ushering in 4 more years of nuclear escalation, crack on every street corner, and good ol’ Reaganomics.