Guerrillas Missed

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“I don’t like it either, but
I have to wear
all the crazy colors,
my ass gets hit
crossing the street
at night!”

Robert Mugabe
Dictator, DayGlo diplomat, dickhead.
February 21, 1924 – September 6, 2019.
Aged 95 years.

Most recognized for: After leading a 4 year guerilla war to overthrow British colonial dominance and white minority rule, Bob signed a cease fire in 1979. The agreement precipitated the newly independent state of Zimbabwe in 1980… of which he was elected the first Prime Minster. From there, his hatred for biscuits (British crackers) really took off… calling for the violent seizure of white-owned farmland. This drastically impacted food production… leading to famine, sanctions, and economic ruin. Almost 4 decades of crimes against humanity later, he was finally ousted… first from his homeland… and now, the planet.

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