No More Loony Tunes

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“I like cassettes.
I think they sound better.
But hey…
what do I know?
I’m fukken crazy,

Daniel Johnston
Singer, songwriter, schizoid.
January 22, 1961 – September 10, 2019.
Aged 58 years.

Most recognized for: An underground novelty in his home of Austin, TX, Daniel graduated to full-blown cult status after Kurt Cobain started wearing his t-shirts. Alternative musicians became enamored with his “genius,” they started hanging out, dropping acid together & what not, etc. Whoops! Who invited the bi-polar schizophrenic to the party?… and fed him acid?!? His highly erratic behavior, bizarre obsessions, and violent meltdowns became the subject of a 2005 documentary. But as he approached 60, Dan’s steady diet of Mt. Dew & cigarettes became unsustainable.