No Mercy

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“In 35 years,
all I’ll be known for
is this stupid fukking karate movie?
I oughtta kick your ass
for that.”

Rob Garrison
Actor, West Virginian, 80’s catch-phrase.
January 23, 1960 – September 27, 2019.
Aged 59 years.

Most recognized for: From his short list of 80’s film & TV appearances, he’ll eternally be known as Tommy… the Cobra Kai who shouted “Get him a body bag!” in 1984’s “The Karate Kid.” He reprised the role twice in his career:  once in a music video directed by Johnny (Billy Zabka,) that reunited the entire gang with their sensei… and again on season 2 of the YouTube Premium series “Cobra Kai.” Then, Rob’s sudden kidney and liver failure crane-kicked any chance of a season 3 appearance.